International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001

Sponsored by The International Center for 9/11 Studies

September 11, 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the events in New York and Washington that have played a dramatic role in modern history. These events have provided a pretext for a War on Terror that has replaced the Cold War as a global conflict framework within which military invasions and occupations have taken place, as well as violations of international law and human rights and a widespread assault on the civil rights crucial to democracies. Global military spending, which began a rapid downswing after the end of the Cold War, has, with the help of the official account of the 9/11 attacks, risen to Cold War levels and continues to rise. The focus on military solutions to complex human problems has sidetracked humanity at the very moment when international cooperation is most required to address genuine challenges that humanity faces.

In the meantime, the credibility of the official reports on the 9/11 attacks (by the 9/11 Commission, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other government or government-appointed agencies) has been questioned by millions of citizens in the United States and abroad, including victim family members, expert witnesses and international legal experts.

The International Center for 9/11 Studies has therefore decided to sponsor four days of International Hearings in the city of Toronto, Canada on the 10th anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001. During these Hearings, which will be broadcasted via the Internet, various expert witnesses will present the best available evidence into the case, discovered in the ten years since the 9/11 events occurred.

Objectives of the Hearings:

(1) To present evidence that the U.S. government’s official investigation into the events of September 11, 2001, as pursued by various government and government-appointed agencies, is seriously flawed and has failed to describe and account for the 9/11 events.

(2) To single out the most weighty evidence of the inadequacy of the U.S. government’s investigation; to organize and classify that evidence; to preserve that evidence; to make that evidence widely known to the public and to governmental, non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations.

(3) To submit a record and a summary of the Hearings, together with signed Statutory Declarations by witnesses, to relevant governments, groups and international agencies with the request that a full and impartial investigation be launched into the events of September 11, 2001, which have been used to initiate military invasions and to restrict the rights of citizens.

(4) To engage the attention of the public, the international community and the media through witness testimony as well as through media events broadcasted via the Internet during the four day event.

Location of the Hearings

The Hearings are international, and the location outside the U.S. is intended to give that message. At the same time, there are good reasons to choose a location reasonably close to the attacks of September 11, 2001 so that people directly associated with the events, such as victims’ families, can travel to the Hearings.  Toronto is a 9-hour drive from New York City.  Toronto’s Ryerson University has been chosen as the site of the actual hearings.


The key participants in the Hearings will be moderators, witnesses, and an independent panel comprised of respected international citizens. Moderators will guide the witnesses and panel through the presentation and discussion of evidence. Witnesses (chiefly expert witnesses, but possibly eyewitnesses as well) will speak of their research findings or experiences and, where appropriate, will formally submit evidence to the panel. An international panel of distinguished citizens will listen to the witnesses, examine their evidence, raise questions and engage in discussion, and submit a report after the conclusion of the Hearings.

Each day of the Hearings will have one or more themes. For example, day 3 of the Hearings (Sept 10, 2011) will focus on the destruction of the World Trade Center. The following individuals have agreed to participate as expert witnesses on this day: Niels Harrit, David Chandler, and Jon Cole.

The Hearings will be moderated by Michael Keefer (Canada) and Matthew Witt (United States) and the final report will be edited by the American attorney James Gourley. Themes on days 1, 2, and 4 will include: al-Qaeda, air defense failures, anomalies of Flights 77 and 93, the nature of false flag terrorism, and psychological resistance to accounts that challenge the official one. Peter Dale Scott, David Ray Griffin, Laurie Manwell, Graeme MacQueen, Lance DeHaven-Smith, and Kevin Ryan are some of the confirmed witnesses. The Hearings will also include addresses, during the day and in the evenings, by eyewitnesses and by members of 9/11 victims families.

Who is the Sponsor?

The lead sponsor of these Hearings is the International Center for 9/11 Studies. Established by U.S. attorney James Gourley, the Center is currently known best for its success in gaining the release of approximately four terabytes of video evidence held (and kept from the public) by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Organizing and Planning Structure

A Steering Committee, an Advisory Committee and several Working Groups have been set up to coordinate the planning of the event. The Steering Committee currently consists of James Gourley, Laurie Manwell, Graeme MacQueen, Kevin Ryan and Adnan Zuberi. The Advisory Committee is an international group consisting of about a dozen experts, 9/11 family members, and people of influence. Working Groups include video-conferencing and recording, communications, media relations and fundraising.

Call for Support

The Toronto Hearings Steering Committee would like to make an appeal to all citizens around the world who are sincerely committed to discovering the truth about the attacks of September 11.  Let’s make 2011 the year of evidence-based research, truth, transparency and justice pertaining to the events of 9/11.  If you cannot spare the time to attend or follow the entire Toronto Hearings, please consider making a generous donation ( to the International Hearings Project. With your generous help, truth and justice will prevail.

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44 Responses to International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001

  1. keith says:

    And if you need a roving reporter from the UK to cover this event? Let me know 🙂
    Keith Dewsnup

  2. Susan Stevens says:

    THANK YOU for starting this investigation! It is sorely needed and I believe the UNKOWN & KNOWN – but disinterested – FACTS are starting to tear our country apart, as if OTHER events aren’t already doing it. Extreme political groups forming with such ignorance of our USA History & current events – of which 9/11 is just one but a HUGE one!

    I look forward to hearing more. I had no known friends or loved ones killed or injured in the attacks, however, it was a terrible series of events for everyone. in the world. I am extremely interested in your findings and also – hopefully – ferreting out who was/IS really responsible.

    • As a nation of free people ,but less so everyweek since the travesty of 9/11,it is very much “your duty”, as an American, as it is a defining character of ALL AMERICANS to demand!,the truth of that despicable act of treason, orcastrated by the bush administration, and their many other cronies. If this upcoming event of “researching for the absolute truth”, of that day and days leading up to and there after,is not enough evidence, for anyone who still has the capacity of critical thinking i.e.,”who gained ,who lost” from this atrocity?It has fermented to a “WORLD” event,(the “newest”, Reichstag fire), because since then, the world is being consumed by this “act of psychopathy” of a few elite,greedy, madmen.It will just gain more and more world support…just wait and see! Thank You! Attorney James GOURLEY ,and to all those involved !

  3. P Andrews says:

    This is the best news I have heard for some time. Many individuals and organizations (e.g. Steven E. Jones, Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth, Firefighters for 9-11 Truth) have made great strides in getting the word out, but so far there has not been a united front and little coverage from the major media outlets which, unfortunately most Americans seem to rely on for information. But the major media outlets may find it hard to ignore an international investigation with a united front. Hopefully another major war or incident won’t steal the headlines – perhaps you should consider conducting your investigation sooner. Anyway, this is great – thank you very much!

  4. h. blar says:

    I hope you all finally get what you are after. My wife and son were both killed on flight 77.

    • Tom Watts says:

      yes I hope we get what we are after as well; the truth and some scumbags swinging from a rope. I am truly sorry for your pain but also for the pain of the millions who have died because of that treasonous act who were not on any plane and had nothing to do with the attacks. Our government has a very long history of experimenting on and murdering its own citizens it is time for it to stop and for this nation to once again be the bright and burning beacon of freedom and justice!

  5. jjandi says:

    Thank you for keeping hope alive, I have and will continue to support all efforts to bring all those who aided and abetted in the attack and coverup of the events of 911.

  6. Geb says:

    Great news! Looking forward to attending.
    I think we need a major whistleblower to come forward at this event. One so well known or so credible that the media cannot avoid making it front page news.

  7. jjmmgrant says:

    This is amazing news I only recently became aware of. Proud a Canadian city is hosting the Hearings and being a Torontonian, I’d love to attend. We can only hope the mainstream media will give the deserved coverage and educate more people of the atrocities committed and covered up by factions of the US Gov. Those truly responsible need to be exposed. Bravo

  8. John Simcox says:

    This looks like the beginning of an official process for which 9/11 scholars and truthers have long hoped.

  9. Patty Hankins says:

    This is wonderful news. I did not lose any family or friends on September 11, 2001, but like nearly every American, I was still heartbroken. I am amazed that it took me so long to question the government’s story. I just recently read Michael Ruppert’s book, CROSSING THE RUBICON, from that began my own internet research, and very quickly realized how absurd the official story is. That broke my heart all over again. My county suffers from 9/11 and the international community suffers from 9/11, and truth and liberty has certainly suffered from 9/11. Many of the New York City firefighters have made it clear that the official investigation of 9/11 did not even rise to the level of investigation of an ordinary arson case! You have my gratitude for this international effort to find the truth of the events of September 11. I saw that Michael Ruppert was not mentioned anywhere. I hope that he has been invited to speak, as he has made an incredible effort for many years to bring the truth out. Again, thank you for organizing this conference and investigation.

  10. Jarome Bell says:

    Thank you for doing this hearing. Many people who believe that people like myself are “Conspiracy Theorists” need to know that others around the International Community believe the way we do. We want the true people that was responsible for this to be brought to justice just like George Bush said! I cannot say thank you enough!

  11. Dan says:

    This is the best news I have heard in a long time. What a great guest list. Can’t wait to see the results this produces (not on the mainstream media I just assume). Good luck. God Bless!!

  12. Kayleigh says:

    This is wonderful news. It’s just too bad we can’t get another investigation (if you can even call the first one an “investigation”) going here in the U.S., but it’s still a leap forward for 9-11 truth. This sounds like the biggest step towards justice being served for 9-11 yet. No matter what ends up happening with the Toronto Hearings, the facts will all be on the record, further legitimizing the 9-11 truth movement. They can’t just write us off as “conspiracy theorists” anymore (I’m sure they will anyway). I’m very excited for this. Someday soon justice will be served to the greedy scum that thought they got away with it. People are starting to see through the lies.

    • henry says:

      To add to your armamentarium, ever try to deconstruct the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ in its current connotation?

      If we consider ‘conspiracy’ as requiring more than one person, and some evil-doing or mischief, the insulters would have us believe that as people gain more power and influence, they tend to do their evil solo, or not as often.

      It’s alright to understand that two rubes can and often do plan to rob a liquor store, but heaven forbid that two billionaires commit some crime for far more profit.

      It flies against all human experience.

  13. refuse2lose says:

    This is way past due. Anyone with the least bit of curiosity and a computer can find out what really happened on 9-11-2001, not just what their government tells them. It’s time we get the truth out, and hold those accountable who were behind the devastating attacks.

  14. Donald Gisbey says:

    The truth hurts but forgiveness sets us free.
    My sincerest wish is that this will herald a turning away from violence and emnity.
    The truth must be discovered, but in seeking retribution it will remain hidden.
    What is more important than being right is being honest. To be honourable.
    The world is on the brink of catastrophy. How this can be prevented I have no idea or even if we now are in free fall and there is no return.
    Where there`s life there`s hope to be sure, but life has to mean life!
    We are sleepwalking! This won`t do. Rest assured every attempt will be made to derail this process so no easy opportunity should be made by looking for blame and condoning reprisal. Justice should come with mercy. Be ready to forgive those who seek it from the heart! Then maybe we have a slim chance.
    I offer this as a prayer and hope every delegate can with dignity and humility show the world that human beings are capable of embodying the highest principles of life.
    Peace be with you.

    • JonnyX says:

      I’m afraid that I disagree. The evildoers must be captured and removed from positions where they are continuing to do evil deeds. Dick Cheney deserves to rot in jail just for ordering all the air defense out of the area! The most protected airspace in the world was not protected at all! Even were it not deloberate, it is a crime of colossal negligence!

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  16. Sam says:

    I am a Canadian National living in Pakistan, first of all I feel a great pride that Canada is involved in this highly important venue. My opinion is that by nature false perishes and truth prevails. I hope the team effort in finding the truth be blessed by God.

    I will anxiously be waiting for the truth and desire the world to understand the beauty of truth, fair and love.


  17. Gregory Lance says:

    I am with We Are Change North Carolina USA. We Are Change has hundreds of chapters around the world trying to get to the truth on 9-11. We do not believe in the current USA’s official government version of the facts on 9-11. Even the majority of the commissioners panel assembled by the USA government that investigated 911 now admit that facts were withheld and covered up. I encourage people to watch “Loose Change Final Cut” full version on utube. This is a great assembly of facts pertaining to 911 and exposing huge falsehoods. I urge the the International Center on 9/11 studies to contact Alex Jones for feedback on 9/11, as he has interviewed countless experts on 9/11 the last ten years and on his radio show. This radio show is now the largest in the world on the internet. Based on evidence he received before 911 he warned people worldwide that 911 was coming before that earth shattering event.
    I applaud the International Center on 9/11 for searching for the truth. The truth made by our creator always has a way of rising to the top and surfacing in a world of lies and deceit. Ultimately LOVE which truth is a part of always wins out over everything else and is the most powerful force on this planet.

    Gregory Lance–We Are Change North Carolina, USA

  18. Norm Pringle says:

    I hope this will be broadcast at least on the imternet
    Maybe CSPAM
    You can use my site if you wish

  19. Jackie says:

    I just hope that these “trials” are respective of the families who lost loved ones. We must remember that this is not just a political issue, but a human one where much suffering has already been caused.

    • Tom Watts says:

      if you had lost family, would you want to know that the murderers were still in charge just waiting to do it again?

  20. Bonnie Cergizan says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I was made aware of 9/11/2001 oddities and idiosyncrasies in the fall of 2004, that is when I began to read the valuable information made available by dedicated ‘truthers.’ I became known as a ‘tin foil hat’ nut job, even though the points that I was making to people couldn’t be refuted. (If they would have merely tried, which they didn’t! It’s much easier to call names.)
    My sincere hope is that The Toronto Hearings wouldn’t get usurped by the elite and their paid shills the way the Tea Party did!

  21. Chris Pringle says:

    Fantastic news – kudos for all this effort in exposing the seminal cause for most of the recent wars of conquest – let us $upport this effort and attend.

  22. J C Stek says:

    Want to know if the general public can attend , and film for local informative events
    want to start a local 911 truth chapter here in the Catskills
    I support everything you have done , Keep up the great work!


  23. Shirley Johnson says:

    Have the NIST people been invited to participate in theis forum? They should have the opportunity to present their evidence for the report they produced. I would like to have some of them on the same stage with the illustrous names listed. And can we expect any media representation in attendance?

    Thank you for bringing this about. I would like to live long enough to see a true investigation.

    Shirley Johnson, Minnesota 9/11 Truth, St Paul, Minnesota

  24. Danny says:

    This is just fab!

    Will it be videod and posted on youtube for those of us who cant afford to be there?…. I do hope so.
    and if you do tape the hearing, can you use one of those built-for-purpose cameras… please don’t record the event on someone’s phone.. and expect us to watch it to the end…

  25. Doug Plumb says:

    People that involve themselves in 9/11 truth help preserve the divine right of man. Others that stay silent on the issues of today do not.

  26. Pat G says:

    I am thrilled that Canada will be hosting this super-important conference.
    All those interested in what happens to your future and how we got here should visit
    for a treasure trove of TRUTH

    By the time the September conference comes along, YOU will be one of the active truth-seekers.
    YOU will be one of the ENGAGED citizens.

    Please post 911 truths to Twitter, Facebook, logs,, etc.

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  28. burt berlowe says:

    Thank you for having this event. Hopefully, it will lead to a long-awaited investigation. I hope you will include some actual witnesses to the event such as Willie Rodriguez and the first responders who actually experienced the tower explosions, and some of the survivors of the Pentagon event. Can we get CSPAN at the very least to cover some of this? Will it be possible to get an electronic feed of some of your event or videos that we can watch later? We would like to show some of your event at the rally we are planning on the anniversary at our state capitol. Thanks again and best wishes for a great event.

    Burt Berlowe Minnesota 911 Truth.

  29. Illumina says:

    For too long the elected officials and employees of the U. S. have gone without having to take responsibility for so many transgressions committed in the name of freedom, democracy and the U. S. Constitution; to the point of even reaping rewards for their misdeeds. We need the undeniable facts to be set out for the public and blame needs to be assessed and meaningful, appropriate punishment administered in order for the world to heal and go forward in the best manner possible. I see no reference to the attack on the Pentagon. This cannot be overlooked. The single fact that all videos of the event were confiscated by government employees is significant enough to investigate this aspect of 9/11 to the ultimate degree possible. Thank you for putting this investigation together and for the thoughtful process you have designed to bring out the truth. Please don’t leave out the Pentagon attack.

  30. JA Smith says:

    “Truth is hate for those that love the truth.” Thank you for continuing to stand for truth.

  31. max says:

    It’s great you are doing this. But we need to be proactive, this 9/11 might not be like other 9/11s. The “killing” of a long dead bin Laden may very well be a setup for a “revenge” attack this 9/11. Obama warned of a lone wolf attack. Gubmint agent Tom Hartmann (who doesn’t support 9/11 truth) warned of just such an attack.

    On the other side such diverse voices as Max Keiser and Lyndon LaRouche have warned of false flag 9/11 style attacks in the next 90 days.

    If we spread the warning of a new 9/11 false flag attack, they’ll have to cancel any plans they may have. Chicago seems to be the most obvious target: Obama’s home (the bin Laden killer), Rahm Emmanuel as mayor, and didn’t Silverstein buy property there.

    Spread the word. Prevent new false flag attacks, no more government sponsored terror.

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  33. Martin G says:

    A fantastic opportunity to put the evidence forward and question the official narrative. I have personally found that close colleagues and family members cannot take on-board the evidence or the possibility that this event could have been assisted /staged by ‘government’. My father, a lifelong sociaist and trade unionist with an engineering background said to me ” I’m sorry I can’t even begin to accept what you say as it threatens everything I have known and believed for 70 years” – there is our big problem in a nutshell. Assembling witnesses such as Willie Rodriguez, Steven Jones, Peter Lance (the Ali Mohammed story), Michael Ruppert, Susan Lindauer (imprisoned for 4 yrs cos she had warned of the specifics of 9/11 in may 2001 and had evidence to that effect) and Lt Col Anthony Shaffer (Able Danger leader who witnessed this pre-9/11 evidence closed down and discarded) should be an imperative. What has convinced me that there is a major problem with the official conspiracy is the many and varied elements of the event which, when put together, show a pattern which clearly implicates many, many individuals in patterns of misunderstanding, negligence, incompetence, criminality and some in conspiracy (Cheney, Abrams et al.). Good luck to everyone at the conference, I will be watching with great interest and hope for a new beginning in this terrible saga.

  34. Truth is knowledge! It’s time that the people with prior knowledge and who are directly and indirectly responsible receive punishment for there actions during 911!

  35. keith ford says:

    I have done alot of reading about 911 and I know that plane’s cant take down those biuldings’s in free fall and #7 ,,,this need’s to be looked at,,,with open eye’s…..outside the u.s. is good!!! thank’s to all the people that have a brain…bush,cheny,rumsfleid need to be in jail!!!!

  36. E Rock says:

    Bravo!! It’s about time to set the historical record straight. I can’t attend but want to watch it from start to finish. I hope I understand correctly that it will be broadcast live online. A DVD of the entire event would be marvelous! And the sale of the DVDs would help defray costs of production, as well as enlighten those unable to watch online.

    I worry that those involved in 911 might attempt to prevent the conference or broadcast of it. They have been very brazen since 911. Maybe you could change the exact location at the last minute? I know that possibly sounds silly, but you would all be safer if your location were unknown. You might consider using more than one server for the broadcast, also, in case those involved try to shut you down.

    Best of luck! And thanks ever so much!

  37. Susan Craze says:

    This is wonderful news to me. Thank you! You are wise to choose Toronto for your venue–since the events of 9.11.01 the USA has become less a democratic state and more and more a closed society tending toward a police state. Many brave individuals and websites have questioned the “official” myth of 9/11 (Author David Ray Griffin, Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, Global Research Centre in Canada) but the corporate media in the USA went silent and blind refusing to acknowledge science or the inconsistencies of the implausible propaganda spewing out of our federal government to this day.

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